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Name: 鍾環 (believe it or not)
English name: Wannie
Also known as: chiliwinnie
Birthday: 12th May
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Chinese zodiac: Ox
Does at spare time: day dreaming
Likes: Spend time with God and people I love, sing, bake, eat, sleep
Dislikes: cleaning, annoying and evil people
Food I dislike: swedish blood pudding/tomato
Favorite fruit: Durian
Favorite color: all colors
Favorite season: summer in Sweden
Favorite weekday: Sunday


Name: 鄭慈欣 Zheng Ci Xin/Cheng Chi Yan
English name: Wki
Also known as: yandje
Birthday: Sept 11th
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Ox
Does at spare time: Sing, watch series, go shopping, eat, bake …
Likes: to eat…. n sleep, travel
Dislikes: cleaning, reading, annoying/dumb/cocky people
Favorite food: mom’s lasagna!
Favorite fruit: durian *drools*
Favorite color: babeyblue, pink, cyan
Favorite month: June or July, December also coz of the xmas n newyr spirit =)
Favorite weekday: saturday
Favorite site: :P
Favorite quote: “Only dumb people need to keep things in order, smart people can handle chaos” - x

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